The HIP trial has started!

In February 2015 the first baby has been included in the HIP trial!

After starting with patient screening in January 2015, the first baby was included in the HIP trial at our Partner Univerzita Karlova v Praze (Prague) in February 2015. The Consortium is glad that the recruitment has started. It is planned to recruit 830 babies within the next three years.

Launch of the Research Initiative

At the Launch of the Research Initiative in Cork, 2010 (from left to right): Mr. Paul V. Breen (BrePco Biopharma), Prof. Louise Kenny (INFANT Research Centre), Mr. San Sherlock TD (Minister of State, Department of Enterprise, Jobs & Innovation and Department of Education & Skills with responsibility for Research & Innovation), Prof. Geraldine Boylan (INFANT Research Centre), Dr. Gene Dempsey (Consultant Neonatologist and Chief Investigator in HIP Trial) and Prof. Michael Murphy (President of University College Cork).

Launch of the Research Initiative at the Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research (INFANT), Cork in 2013.

Mr. Sen Sherlock TD, Minister of State for Research and Innovation today (Friday) announced Government funding, through Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), of 7.6 million Euro which will leverage a further investment of 6 million Euro from 15 industry partners, for research at the Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research (INFANT), Cork. Ireland's first centre for perinatal research will directly improve treatment and care for pregnant mothers and newborn babies.  

The INFANT team is a diverse group of clinicians, scientists and engineers who are supported by strong industry partners, international collaborators, business and regulatory advisors. INFANT will bring world-leading Irish innovations into a global healthcare setting providing industry partners with new technologies. The scientific excellence will have huge impact on healthcare and the economy. Members of the INFANT team have already pioneered personalised medicine approaches and identified signs (clinical, blood-borne and imaging biomarkers) of perinatal disease.

Announcing the funding; Mr. Sen Sherlock TD, Minister of State for Research and Innovation said: "The investment in research in INFANT will address the largely unmet need for effective screening tests for the most common complications of pregnancy and the most significant problems for newborn babies. The focus on the creation of next generation devices aims to transform antenatal and neonatal healthcare and service delivery. Research at INFANT has the potential to change the delivery of healthcare services and improve the outcomes for the most vulnerable mothers and their babies."

Minister Sherlock added: "The continued and on-going commitment of industry is also critical for long-term success and I commend companies such as Inspiration Healthcare, Newsweaver, Waters Corporation, Cara Wellness, LPA Logic Programming Associates Ltd, Kvikna Ltd, Incereb Ltd, IBM, EMC2, BrePco BioPharma, MedSciNet, Dell and Alere International for engaging in the success of INFANT."

The world-leading INFANT Centre is based at Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH) and directed by Professors Louise Kenny and Geraldine Boylan. Kenny is Professor of Obstetrics at UCC and a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist at CUMH. Boylan is Professor of Neonatal Physiology at UCC and a Clinical Scientist at CUMH. Both have built an international reputation over the past seven years resulting in the creation of INFANT.

INFANT addresses a lack of predictive and diagnostic tests in perinatal care, to develop effective screening tests and facilitate novel treatments for the most common complications of pregnancy and the most significant problems for newborn babies in intensive care. Next generation devices will be created to allow both point-of-care and remote healthcare monitoring and diagnostics. INFANT is working closely with industry partners to ease the burden of perinatal health complications and deliver enormous social and economic impact.

Speaking at the announcement, Professor Mark Ferguson, Director General of SFI said: "The SFI Research Centres Programme represents the largest ever state industry co-funded research investment of its kind in Ireland. The programme will see 200 million Euro of Irish exchequer funding matched by 100 million Euro in support from industry invested in seven world class research centres of scale, one of which is INFANT. INFANT has demonstrated the potential to deliver tangible economic and societal benefits through the prevention of perinatal complications and adverse outcomes. This is a virtuous cycle whereby excellent research inspired by pressing health needs, fuels economic development and job creation through industrial engagement and exploitation, products of which further benefit patients and the economy. INFANT and the other SFI Research Centres selected for funding following rigorous international review for both scientific excellence as well as potential impact of the research, thereby ensuring that INFANT has the quality and status of the best in the world with direct reliance to the opportunities in Ireland.  I am delighted that institutions such as University College Cork, Tyndall National Institute and the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland are collaborating in ensuring the success of this centre of research excellence."