WP06 ? Outcome assessment - Echocardiography


Workpackage lead and partners:

WP leader:
Dr Jan Miletin, CWIUH

WP partners:

Workpackage objectives: 

  • Set up training in functional neonatal echocardiography for all participants in the study
  • Set up Echocardiography Expert Group for validation of measurements
  • Development of precise protocols for functional measurements in neonatal period to be used in the HIP Trial
  • Correlating flow measurements with cardiovascular support used and also with brain monitoring


Workpackage description:

In the HIP Trial echocardiography will play a role in the assessment of cardiovascular performance. In the majority of neonatal units, echocardiography is not currently used on a daily basis by neonatologists to assess and monitor intervention. This work package will ensure intensive echocardiography training for participants and will ensure comparable and reliable echocardiography results in all participating centres. This will be achieved by co-operation with international leaders in the field of neonatal functional echocardiography and also experts in the field of paediatric cardiology. Functional echocardiography has the potential to answer several important questions raised by the HIP Trial. It can also improve availability of echocardiography for neonatal intensive care units and thus improve quality of the care for preterm neonates. Further close cooperation with centres responsible for brain monitoring (electroencephalography and near infrared spectroscopy) will further explore the relationship between brain blood flow and brain function and oxygenation.

Task 1: Setting up training in functional neonatal echocardiography

This training programme will be set up in conjunction with the education and training WP 02. The teaching course will concentrate on establishing normal heart anatomy and functional measurements used in neonatal period. This training will be organised in co-operation with experts in paediatric cardiology and neonatal functional echocardiography and will be open to all participants in the HIP Trial. The course will be finished by validation of all participants and yearly refresher sessions will be planned.

Task 2: Setting up Echocardiography Expert Group

This group will be formed from international leaders in the field of functional echocardiography and also international experts in paediatric cardiology. The aim of this group will be initial validation of participants in the training. The main goal of this Group is to review and validate all the measurements in the HIP Trial. The Group will be blinded and will monitor all echocardiography images.

Task 3: Development of protocol for functional measurements in the HIP Trial

Developing precise protocols for all echocardiography measurements employed in the HIP Trial is the crucial point for reliability of these measurements. These protocols will be reviewed by Expert Echo Group and then used in all participating centres.

Task 4: Correlating flow measurements with cardiovascular status, support and brain monitoring

Aim of this work package will be to explore relationship between heart performance (mainly blood flow) and cardiovascular status at the point of enrolment to the HIP Trial and then at a predefined time point of the HIP Trial. We will correlate these measurements with cardiovascular support approach and inotropic support used. Close cooperation will take place with WP 04, 07, 08 to assess view of correlation of the echo measurements with cerebral status and WP 10 (Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics).