Krajsk nemocnice T. Bati, Zln

Krajsk nemocnice T. Bati in Czech Republic (T.Bati)

Havlickovo nabrezi 600
76275 Zlin
Czech Republic

Team Leader

Jozef Macko, M.D., Ph.D.
Neonatologist, Head of NICU
Phone: +420577552430



Institute Presentation

Krajsk nemocnice T. Bati in Zln is regional hospital with almost 1000 beds and more than 2200 employees. Neonatal department is located in building together with obstetric and pediatric department. In recent years we have approximately 2500 births annually. Every year we admit 200-220 babies to the resuscitation unit. Number of babies with birth weight below 1500 g varies from 65 to 85 every year. 10 doctors work in department, half of which are neonatology specialists. Neonatal department is located on three floors is equipped with 8 resuscitation beds and 10 intensive beds, which are fully technically equipped. We provide ophthalmic surgery directly in our unit, have pediatric surgeon, radiologist, physiotherapist on site.
Neonatal department has experience with variety of randomized clinical trials, recently CURPAP study (Prophylactic Surfactant with early nasal CPAP) and Med Immune NUMAX trial (Phase III trial RSV prophylaxis).
Last we were involved in Neonatal EUROpean Study of Inhaled Steroids NEUROSIS.
Premature babies are followed in ambulance for children with perinatal risks.
Three of physicians work partly as a teachers at the Faculty of Human Studies of Tomas Bata Univerzity in Zlin
Our institute website address is where you can find some other information. In last years we have participated in several international clinical trials focused on newborns.