WP02 - Education and training


Workpackage lead and partners:

WP leader:
Dr. Colm O'Donnell, UCD

WP partners:

Workpackage objectives: 

  • To provide training workshops to all consortium participants, ensuring standardisation at all sites in relation to the Clinical trial protocols, ECHO, NIRS, EEG recording procedures, head ultrasound, neurodevelopment assessment tools and database management.
  • To develop web-based educational tools for clinicians, technicians, nurses and all other relevant health care professionals

Workpackage description:

This work package will provide a framework for increasing the information available on the use of medicinal products in the paediatric population and also on the role of various interventions including echo, NIRS and EEG in the preterm infant. This information will be of use to all healthcare professionals, academics, parents and families. This is in keeping with the aims of Regulation (EC) 1901/2006 of the European Parliament and the Council on Medicinal Products for Paediatric Use which seeks to increase availability of medicines authorised for children as well as to increase the information available on the use of medicinal products in the paediatric population.

Task 1:

Workshops will be arranged for consortium members who require information about any aspect of the study but in particular the clinical trial protocol, cerebral ultrasound examinations, ECHO, NIRS, EEG recording procedures (with input from WPs 06, 07, 08), neurodevelopment assessment tools (with input from WP09) and the trial database system (with input from WP12). These will be provided within the first 6 months, with the exception of the neurodevelopment assessment tools workshop, which will be provided within the first 2 years, before follow-up commences. Guidelines (1: clinical trial procedures; 2: neurodevelopment assessment tools) for all of the above will be developed and distributed to all recruiting centres before the beginning of the clinical trial. This will be done with input from WPs 06, 07, 08 and 11.

Task 2:

To raise awareness of the consortium through contact with clinicians, medicines for children networks, the EMEA, funding agencies and the scientific community worldwide.

Task 2a: To generate information for dissemination to the general public about the study and these will be developed appropriately using non-scientific language, easily understandable by lay-persons/parents.

Task 2b: To consult with patient groups and inform them about the study. We have already consulted with the Informing Families Group (in Ireland) through Dr. Brendan Murphy and we will involve other parent/patient groups such as Bliss and Scope in the UK. The aim of the Informing Families group is to develop evidence-based National Best Practice Guidelines, education and training and appropriate procedures to inform families of their child's disability when communicating a diagnosis or concern. The interaction with this group is significant as inevitably infants in our study may die or will develop a disability. It is important that this information is carefully and considerately relayed to the parents in the context of this research project. By working closely with these groups we aim to develop useful education resources for both healthcare staff and parents particularly with regard to hypotension, treatment and informing families about the possible outcomes. We intend to make some of these available on the developed website.

Task 3:

We will develop a web-based educational tool for clinicians. This site will contain information about hypotension, NIRS, ECHO and EEG (in conjunction with WPs 06, 07, 08 and 11).

Task 4:

GABO:mi will support the training WP with general organisation of the workshops.