Useful Information about the trial


This is a summary of the HIP trial that your baby might be taking part in.

The HIP trial is a trial which compares 2 different ways of managing low blood pressure in premature babies. Both approaches are safe and effective and are used in hospitals worldwide, but it is uncertain which approach is best. Therefore the trial is designed to answer the following questions: Is it better to treat babies who have low blood pressure with close monitoring, fluid and a drug or should babies with low blood pressure be monitored closely and given fluid only to see will their blood pressure rise naturally without the drug.

For the HIP trial, half of the babies will receive a drip containing a drug Dopamine and half will get a drip containing sugar and water. Up until now it has not been proven which way of treating low blood pressure is best for premature babies.

Your baby's welfare is our most important concern. If you decide not to take part in the study your baby will continue to receive the highest standard of care.

Your baby taking part will help us answer the question of what is the most effective treatment for low blood pressure in premature babies.


Thank you!