HIP workpackages and their interrelations

To facilitate the organisation and management, the HIP Trial is structured in workpackages (WPs), which together comprise the project. Each WP has an academic lead who is responsible for the management and the results of their WP.

The figure below shows the structure of the different WPs and their interdependencies.

By clicking on the different WPs you can find out more about their tasks and objectives.


workpackages WP05 - Study monitoring and ethics WP04 - Clinical trial WP03 - Survey - Use of inotropes in hypotension WP02 - Education and training WP01 - Set up framework for research study WP12 - UCC WP06 - Outcome assessment - Echocardiography WP07 - Outcome assessment - NIRS WP08 - Outcome assessment - EEG WP09 Outcome assessment-Neurodevelopment WP10 - Clinical pharmacodynamics (PK/PD analysis) WP11 - PUMA development WP12 - Data management and dissemination WP13 - Project Management WP14 - Systematic Literature Review Dopamine for the Treatment of Circulatory Instability beyond the neonatal period